About Me

Emily Aviva Kapor, portraitShalom! My name is Emily Aviva Kapor. I am a radical transfeminist rabbi and activist. I am an autistic and hearing-impaired transgender woman.

My rabbinic work focuses on creating innovative yet traditional Jewish law, liturgy, and ritual, in order to celebrate affirm trans identities and experiences. I also work for acceptance and accessibility for people with visible and invisible disabilities.

My first book, Ein Self: Early Meditations, has recently been published by Vatichtov Press. I teach classes and workshops on various matters. I write a blog at Planting Rainbows, and you can also find me on Twitter at @EmilyAviva.

I also contribute to QueerMentalHealth.org and the Keshet — MyJewishLearning blog. I studied classics and history of religion at Reed College and the University of British Columbia. My other projects include playing chamber music, advocating for alternative education, and smashing systems of institutional oppression.

Interested in booking me for a book reading or speaking or teaching engagement? Contact me!