Emily Aviva Kapor-Mater

Full-Stack Software Developer

About Me

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I am a full-stack developer who finds beauty in simplicity. I enjoy building software from the ground up to create useful and socially positive experiences for users and other developers. I thrive in collaborative environments as well as solo, bringing organization and efficiency to my code as well as my work.

I am currently seeking software development job opportunities in the Seattle area. I obtained a certificate in Full-Stack JavaScript Development from Code Fellows in Seattle in August 2015.


Backend RESTful API and database programming

Node, Express, Heroku, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Frontend client-side and MV* development

Angular, React, jQuery, Handlebars, Sass, CSS3, HTML5

Test- and Behavior-Driven Development

Git, Gulp, Grunt, Mocha, Karma, Chai, Jasmine


The Extraterrestrial Birthday Calculator

Extraterrestrial Birthday Calculator Logo

Find out your next birthday…if you had been born on another planet! This application is written in responsive client-side jQuery and Moment.js for doing calculations on past and future dates. The front-facing layout is written in Sass.

The Universal Wishlist App

The Universal Wishlist App Logo

The Universal Wishlist is a web app to create customized wishlists of items from any site on the web. Its backend is written in Node, which is used to do API routing as well as send email regarding wishlists. The app’s frontend is written in React with JSX, with Gulp used as a build handler to bundle all client-side code.

Safety Dance

Safety Dance Project Logo

One often underappreciated challenge in the lives of transgender people is the need to find washrooms that are as safe as possible when out in public. This app crowdsources and collates information about local facilities in a Mongo database, and presents it using a responsive interface in Angular. Safety Dance can plot the safe washrooms nearest to a user’s location on both desktop and mobile. It has an extensible API with comment moderation, written in Node and Express.


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